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Welcome To America’s Third Wave Coffee Capital

Let’s make a bold declaration: Portland is the best coffee city in America. Yes, we said it. That’s no slight to other splendid coffee cities such as San Francisco or Seattle. But just look at the numbers: The Rose City has more than 50 roasters in its city limits, with the majority dedicated to meticulously roasting small-batch, artisanal coffee.

More than any other city in America, Portland lies at the heart of the third wave coffee movement. Our baristas, many nationally recognized, craft amazing coffee in our specialty cafes throughout the city. What's more, our pioneering roasters define the coffee trends that the rest of the nation follows.

It’s clear that any trip to Portland would be incomplete without experiencing the eclectic café scene and coffee culture, and there’s no better way to explore the city’s coffee scene than with Third Wave Coffee Tours — Portland’s only coffee tour company.

Sip Your Way Through Portland’s Artisanal Coffee Scene

Each one of our signature tours will introduce you to a unique region of Portland and its finest coffee artisans. On almost every tour, you’ll get to experience brew methods demonstrations, participate in side-by-side coffee tastings and explore the micro-roasters who redefine America’s coffee culture. Plus, you’ll get to sample some of the world’s finest coffee — brewed right here in Stumptown — and nibble locally sourced snacks and baked goods.

Much more than a tasting tour, Third Wave Coffee Tours takes you behind the scenes to meet the pioneering roasters and award-winning baristas who put the city on the world’s coffee map. In addition to leisurely strolling through trendsetting neighborhoods, you’ll get to discover the history of third wave coffee and learn tips and tricks to brew better coffee at home.

If you love coffee and want to discover Portland’s artisan coffee scene, let our expert guides take you behind the scenes as you explore city’s third wave coffee revolution.

Meet The Team

Lora Woodruff, Owner, Tour Guide
I'm a second-generation Oregonian and third wave coffee lover. In the early 2000's my husband and I worked as expats in London where I spent hours regaling friends and co-workers with tales of the Pacific Northwest.  It was there that I realized I was starting to become an ambassador for the City of Portland! When we returned from England, I pursued my interest in tourism and my love for the City of Roses by volunteering at the Visitor Information Center.

A few years later, I took a break from my career in high tech to stay home with our young daughter and it was during some of my discretionary day-time hours that I really discovered Portland's vibrant coffee scene.

It started innocently enough: a copy of the Oregonian's A&E on Fridays over a latte at Public Domain.  Next, I discovered Stumptown a few blocks away and marveled at how good coffee could actually be. After realizing there were many more of these types of coffee shops in the city, I had my marching orders. I created a list of local micro-roasters and after visiting a majority of the nearly 60, the rest, as they say, is history!

I've thoroughly enjoyed learning about what these artisans do and watch with great admiration the practice of their craft. I love Portland and think we have something really special here.  We have the perfect mix of artisans passionately pursuing exceptional coffee and a population that appreciates and supports it. Our coffee scene is one of the best in the world and I look forward to sharing it with you.

Alicia, Tour GuideAlicia Forbes, Lead Tour Guide
I grew up in a small specialty coffee desert known as Key West, Florida. When I finished college, a friend of mine told me that I MUST visit Portland, and stated that between the food, the wine, and the coffee, it was going to be the absolute perfect place for me. His excitement and nagging is what truly drove me to leave the east coast to try a different lifestyle, experience the seasons, and settle into a new home in Portland.

I started my first day in the city as I figured most Portlanders do. Hunkering down in a quaint café with a cup of coffee and my laptop, to seek out job opportunities. During my first time in the small café, I decided to ask the barista (who had a waxed handlebar mustache) to tell me about coffee. His amazement was apparent when I asked him to tell me everything from the beginning because I had no previous relationship with it. He smiled with clear excitement at this rare opportunity, and ran to the back of the café to grab a brown paper bag of roasted coffee beans; they were luckily left over from a coffee competition he had just been to.

My coffee experience began with skeptical amusement as he told me about the coffee cherry, the farmers, the roasters, the third wave movement, and the craftsmanship of Baristas. He even furthered my skepticism when he began to tell me that my pour over would taste like bright Bing Cherries, a little something similar to tannins in wine, and once it cooled, a hint of vanilla. So, I walked over to a chair facing the rainy street, sat with my mug of coffee, took a photo, and waited for it to cool just a bit. Then, much to my surprise, every tasting point was spot on, and my love for third wave coffee had begun!

While harboring this love for coffee, I also currently work as an Ambassador for the City of Portland and deliver hospitality and customer service to those on Portland Sidewalks. Working with Third Wave Coffee Tours has become a unique opportunity for me to combine all of my Portland Passions into one.

Amy Shuster, Tour Guide
I’ve travelled around the world sharing stories on my blog about the places I’ve been and wonderful people I’ve met. With a focus on small businesses and entrepreneurs, it seemed natural that I started spending more and more time in local coffee shops getting to know my local community. I’ve always had a curiosity for coffee, but my move to Portland in 2015 sealed that obsession.

After a visit to a Kona coffee farm on the big Island of Hawaii back in 2013, a seed was planted. While on the tour, I learned all about coffee’s perilous bean to cup journey. I picked the cherries off the tree, witnessed the de-pulping process, drying, sorting and even learned the basics of roasting. I was fascinated by how many hands touch our coffee before we get to slurp it down. Think about it; those five minutes of liquid enjoyment took months, even years of hard work and preparation!

Back in Portland, my coffee journey was underway. I started asking my local baristas questions and reading lots of coffee books. I wanted to learn more so that I could better appreciate this beloved artisanal product. After all, knowledge is the best sweetener.

I joined ThirdWave Coffee Tours because I wanted to teach others about how wonderful specialty coffee could be. Wherever you are in your coffee journey, my goal is to inspire you to fall in love with, and truly appreciate coffee as I have!

When I am not drinking oat milk cappuccinos or touring around Portland, I produce videos for businesses and host the travel show, Quest for the Fest on Amazon and Tastemade. Follow my coffee adventures on @thecoffeeprofiles feed on Instagram.

Brianne Brianne Page, Tour Guide
I first encountered third wave coffee in 2012 when I was going to college in Los Angeles. A new cafe was opening nearby so I applied for work as a barista. I remember telling the interviewer that I never drank coffee, nor did I care much for it, and somehow managed to get the job. At that point, I experienced a third wave coffee enlightening. I learned that coffee had evolved from the second wave standard and had gotten a lot more delicious, too. A years-long romance of education, travel, and hands calloused by this labor of love was soon to follow.

I was captivated by the nuances of Third Wave—the artisanship, the ethical practices, and the passionate people. When it came time for me to move in 2014, I packed up my coffee expertise and made my way to the Pacific Northwest. I brought my skills to a couple of local roasters here and served Portlanders drinks up until very recently. 

The time had come for me to hang up the apron and focus on other endeavors. During the week now, I work for a nonprofit but I reserve my Sundays for coffee tours so I can keep my finger on the pulse of the coffee scene and meet like-minded epicureans and coffee aficionados along the way.


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